The Apostle

“The Apostle” is an idea that grew out of the need to share what I felt was important to me within the world. I started traveling at the age of 14, and what I saw in the world amazed me. The people I met, the sounds and sights, they were all pure ecstasy to me. It took me a while to develop my writing to an adequate enough level in which it was worthy to share with the world. And this is the end result.

I’m a blogger of a wide range of topics, from my daily life, to life in Africa to events that take place on the other side of the world as interpreted by me.

As a proud Canadian and Vancouverite I feel the need to showcase all things that make not only Canada unique but also Vancouver. Keep an eye out for tag’s pertaining to hot topics from back home. Passions range from social justice, to Canuck’s hockey.

Hopefully fellow bloggers will feel inspired, or at the very least have a good chuckle or two. I am constantly on the look out for new inspirations, and new topics to blog about, so check back often to see whats cooking!


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